Improve your motorcycle security, reduce insurance premiums and get a well-deserved peace of mind with a discreet GPS tracker.

Motorcycle Device

Features AMB 365 Wired
J$ 13,995 + GCT
Live Tracking via Mobile App on iOS, Android and cloud based Web portal

Trip History with Animated Play Back, Trip classification (Business/Personal)

App Based Panic Button

Fuel Analytics & Vehicle Usage Telematics

Share Location with link expiry

Fuel and Service expense manager

Driver Behavior (Speeding, Harsh Breaking, Sudden Accelerations)

Car Documents Storage and Expiration Reminders

Real Time Notification – Engine on/off, Speeding, Geo Fencing, Idle Timing, Fatigue Driving time

Built in Battery / Back up Battery

Anti- Theft Vibration Alerts

Security Alerts – Device Tamper and Tow,

Remote Engine Shut Down / Restart