App Features

Amber Connect offers you an intelligent, insightful and affordable tracking. The Amber App is packed with features every individual should have and truly connects your Amber Car devices to your digital life, making not only your driving experience safer, easier and less expensive, but also protecting you and your loves ones in case of emergency.

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Device Features

amb362-282x300 AMB365-282x300 AMB363-282x300
Amber Cars AMB 362 Wireless
J$ 22,995 + GCT
AMB 365 Wired
J$ 13,995 + GCT
AMB 363 Wired
J$ 15,995 + GCT
Live Tracking via Mobile App on iOS, Android and cloud based Web portal

Trip History with Animated Play Back, Trip classification (Business/Personal)

App Based Panic Button

Fuel Analytics & Vehicle Usage Telematics

Share Location with link expiry

Fuel and Service expense manager

Driver Behavior (Speeding, Harsh Breaking, Sudden Accelerations)

Car Documents Storage and Expiration Reminders

Real Time Notification – Engine on/off, Speeding, Geo Fencing, Idle Timing, Fatigue Driving time

Built in Battery / Back up Battery

Anti- Theft Vibration Alerts

Security Alerts – Device Tamper and Tow,

Remote Engine Shut Down / Restart

Microphone Accessory for Voice Monitor (Listen In Mode)

Panic Button Accessory

Water proof and dust proof IP65

No Installation Required