4 Crucial Tips To Choose a GPS Vehicle Tracker

Technology has come a long way since the inception of GPS (Global Positioning System). This technology has deep roots in helping to develop systems and processes in modern society. GPS is a tool which when combined with Amber Connect’s Tracking Device and Platform will allow for maximum personal and vehicular safety.

In evaluating the many options for your Vehicle Tracker System, one must consider 4 things and these are even more crucial in the local environment:

  1. What Can Your GPS Tracker Do, What are the features?

This is a mouthful but will give you transparency and an excellent insight to Amber Connects Leading Tracking Solution.

As technology evolves your GPS tracker and its features should too. Almost all the trackers on the market were designed years ago and have the same functionality they did when they were produced. The technological era we live in demands being up to date on a pretty much weekly basis. Amber Connect is an IT company, so we regularly upgrade our platform!

Notably, Amber Connect features live-tracking with 5 seconds refresh time and real-time notifications such as (engine on/off alerts, driver behavior, anti-theft protection, geo-fencing). In lament terms this means you can save money by now making informed decisions about your fleet or personal fuel supply, driver behavior and be given real time alerts when extremes in this behavior occur, such as hard breaking, excess fuel usage or when a vehicle leaves a restricted area.

The in-car device also comes outfitted with remote shut down via App/Web portal so you can feel empowered to shut the engine down from anywhere in the world in the event you suspect suspicious activity. This means you are in control and do not need to call a security provider for assistance unless you choose to.

There are countless additional features such as speed tracking to keep younger drivers safe and endless reports which give you breakdowns of information in an easy to read and tangible way. The graphs have been rated some of the easiest to use and understand by our customers.

Amber Shield: Artificial Intelligence in Vehicle Tracking.

Dear Friends

We have an awesome announcement to make – our newest, biggest and the best release  ever with exceptional technology implementations. We are pleased to introduce Amber Shield – An Artificial Intelligence based platform which makes the vehicle self react under security threats. 

AMBER SHIELD comes with three modes: Sentry, Parking Shield and Night Guard.


Unsure of your vehicles safety where you parked for a few minutes? Enable sentry and in case if your device is tampered, towed, ignition is turned on or there is a significant vibration on the vehicle, the app makes a distinctive siren on your app to alert you of a problem.


Attend any party without worrying about the parking! This mode is allows you to raise the parking shield for up to 5 hours. When under threat as listed in Sentry Mode, it makes a distinctive siren on your app and also performs automatic engine shut down.


Sleep worry free all night! This mode allows you to set a timer with a start and end time. When enabled and if the car is under threat as listed in Sentry mode, it will make a distinctive siren on your app and also perform automatic engine shut down.

We invite you to try Amber Shield technology, a marvel of innovation in vehicle tracking. Amber Shield feature will be activated from 15th of November, 2016 for a free trial* to all existing users.

More updates coming soon! Stay connected…

*Additional subscription costs apply for this feature.

Last-minute hurricane check-list for your car safety

Here is a short last-minute check-list how to protect your car in the hurricane.

1. Take Pictures
It is advised to take pictures of your car’s interior and exterior as for personal and insurance purposes to prove the car’s condition before the disaster.
2. Park Your Car Safely
The best is to park your car in the garage or any sheltered building, but if you do not have one then park it near building which can protect it at least partially. If possible do not park your car near trees, light poles and outdoor advertising banners as those can be blown down and damage your car.
3. Cover Your Car
If your car is parked outside if possible cover your car with a waterproof cover such as tarpaulin etc. If possible the apply the padded cover as it may protect your car from damages from fallen objects.
4. Keys and Documentation
Store your car’s registration and insurance documentation in a safe place—preferably a fireproof and waterproof lock box. Store your car document information in the Car Info section of your Amber App.  You might want to distribute key copies and temporary share the logins of your Amber App with all licensed drivers of your family, so that in an event you are separated from your family vehicle and/or family, it still can driven.
5. Petrol
Make sure that your tank is full so that in case of an emergency you will be able to drive out without any obstacles.
What if mobile network goes down during and after the disaster?
At this moment of time you will not be able to see your car on your phone however all the data will be stored and it will appear when the GSM network is back.

Stay safe!

Warmest regards,
Amber Connect Team

TELiCON Launches Islandwide Installation Concierge Service for Amber Connect

Amber Connect Ltd announced an exciting new partnership with the TELiCON Group. Under the partnership, TELiCON will provide sales, customer support and installations to Amber Connect customers across Jamaica, including its special concierge service, which installs devices for customers at a time and place of their choosing.

The agreement between the parties is a result of the tremendous demand for Amber Connect’s vehicle tracking and security devices and Amber’s commitment to ensure its customers are served quickly and to the highest quality standards.

Peter Melhado, Chairman of Amber Connect, noted, ‘Amber puts its customers at the forefront of everything we do; teaming up with an established group like TELiCON ensures that we can offer a seamless installation experience at a very competitive price. This is consistent with our mission of delivering a valuable service that is affordable to every motor vehicle owner in Jamaica.’

Donovan James, Chairman of TELiCON, rejoined, ‘We see Amber Connect as a fast-growing, innovative vehicle security and monitoring application that offers tremendous value to motor vehicle owners. TELiCON has served over 800,000 customers since 2007 and we are delighted to lend our expertise in sales, logistics and installation to this partnership and look forward to serving Amber Connect’s customers.’

Dushyant Savadia, Founder and CEO of Amber Connect, stated, ‘our technology offers a real time connected smart car experience with over 33 unique features. Our devices are certified with global standards of quality and lead the industry in ease and convenience of installation with an average time of no more than 60 minutes for any make of motor vehicle. With TELiCON aboard, we can now speedily reach our customers no matter where they live on the island and at the comfort of their home or work.’

Amber Connect Ltd is a Jamaican company with its global operations led from their office at 6 Haining Rd. Its core product, Amber Connect (www.amberconnect.com) is a mobile application (with a desktop companion) that allows individuals and fleet managers to monitor their vehicle, including live tracking, remote engine shut down, real time vehicle and driver behavior alerts and cutting edge security features. This platform enables fleet managers and any individual consumer to efficiently manage cost saving opportunities.

TELiCON is a fully owned Jamaican company with head offices at 1A Goodwood Terrace, Kingston 10. It is a diverse technological service company with specialization in the design, installation and maintenance of telecommunication and electronic security systems. TELiCON group of companies serve or have served many of Jamaica’s largest telecommunication companies and operates across multiple Caribbean countries.