GPS Tracking For Your Car

Read an article “GPS tracking for your car”, published in Jamaica Observer on April 19th, 2016.

GPS tracking for your car

The high rate of vehicle theft in Jamaica has led to an increasing number of people investing in tracking devices to secure their possessions.

Last week, police uncovered a motor vehicle ‘chop shop’ operation at Point Hill in St Catherine after personnel from a security company tracked a stolen vehicle to the location.

While this may be your most rewarding investment, finding the right device may prove a bit difficult depending on your needs and budget.

According to a new start-up Jamaican company Amber Connect “securing vehicles to combat the rise of car theft and carjacking has been offered traditionally at steep prices with out of date technology”.

There is the option of tracking your vehicle through a security company that offers monitoring services with a periodical fee. Or, you may opt to use a device that allows you to monitor your vehicle from your personal computer or smartphone with minimal or no fees.

If you choose the latter, Amber Connect says its GPS vehicle trackers are invaluable tools for monitoring your car through its Amber App to keep you informed and in control 24/7.  Read more: